Mabrook! It’s a girl!

Normally a baby’s birth to the world is joyful event.
Not in the Middle East. Or more precisely, NOT IF YOU’RE A GIRL!
Because looking beyond the colorful balloons, the cheerful songs and the sparkling candle-lit cakes….
One can see that humongous ghost hovering over little baby’s head!

That intimidating creature that’s impatiently waiting to get on-top of the poor girl, land his filthy claws on her throat, and drain the life out of her….drop by drop…
If you’re wondering? That ghost has a name…

It’s called honor!

HONOR is that menacing burden that Arab girls are forced to carry around in life.

We’re asked to choose it over our dreams, our passions, we’re even cruelly ordered to let that monstrous thing define who we are!

If we get sexually assaulted we’re asked to shut up or else we’ll be degrading our family’s honor.

If you’re asking me for a solution?
Don’t shut up!
Fight back.
Fight boldly.
Fight bloodily.

Report those who give themselves the right to turn your life from a gleeful dream into a scary nightmare by sexually harassing your soul!

Yes, you read that correctly, dear friend! Your soul not your body!

Simply because sexual harassment is not an invasive act against a woman’s body, those are good old paper cuts!
Sexual harassment, however, is a violation of a girl’s soul and dreams.

It renders us helpless and ashamed because if you don’t get to dominate your own body then what on earth CAN you control?


By Shaimaa Maged.


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